Sunrise Pickups are a limited production product built entirely by Jim Kaufman, with a maximum total of 500 units sold annually.


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Sunrise Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Richard Thompson

S-1) Sunrise Pickup only (8" wire for internal installation)

S-1LW Long Wire Sunrise Pickup (24" wire) without jack

S-1LWJ) Long Wire Sunrise Pickup with 1/4" jack (24" wire)

S-2) Sunrise Pickup with Installation Kit

Installation Kit includes:

3 conductor endpin jack

low noise cable

male and female inline mini connectors

Plastic retaining clips for mini connectors with self adhesive foam pads

S-Kit) Installation Kit (without Sunrise Pickup)

SB-1 and SB-2

18 volt solid state Preamps

( Two 9volt Energizer Batteries )


SB-1 SB-2


SB-1 Mono Preamp Buffer Box

SB-2 Stereo (2 channel) Preamp Buffer Box

Sunrise Tube Interface Preamp


Lo-Z Direct Box


Sunrise Tube Interface

(pictured without vented top)


S-Loz Direct Box


ST-I Tube Interface with flight Case

S-LoZ Direct Box


All prices subject to change

Sunrise Pickups Home Page